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A Renewed Hope for Political Agreement & Peaceful Transition Under the Leadership of PM Roble

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After a lengthy process in which the Somalia political stakeholders (Saamileyda) flip-flopped between the various electoral modalities from a philosophical armchair position, President Farmaajo and the Leadership of the House of the People unilaterally ended the discussion by extending their term in office by additional two years while maintaining their full constitutional powers.

This controversial move came to be known as the ‘April 12th Resolution’ and as expected provoked strong condemnation and brought about a unified front against President Farmaajo and the Speaker of the House and his deputies and the resolution was subsequently rescinded.

Prime Minister Roble FGS and FMS leaders

A Hail Mary

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The employed Hail Mary strategy by President Farmaajo was no match against the concerted diplomatic pressure from the International Community and the intensifying military cordon by SNA units under the banner of ‘National Salvation Group’, forcing the president to relinquish all responsibilities pertaining to election and election security to Prime Minister Roble.

The Resumption of the Afisioni Process

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Under the leadership of Roble, the resumption of the Afisioni process seems to be going smooth but unstructured and with no clear Agenda. His swift action to remove SNA units from the centre of the capital was an impressive and good start.
FTL analysts however, pointed out that PM Roble currently has the support from all relevant stakeholders, but that he not yet earned this support and caution against possible premature celebrations.
Based on consultations with stakeholders and people close to the Afisioni process, our analysts put together a list of Guiding Principles for the Electoral Process and for the Transition Period to serve as input for the ongoing discussion at the Afisioni tent.

The Dhambaal also contains recommendations for members of the International Community and a list of drivers to watch in the coming weeks.


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