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Al Shabaab killed three, accused of espionage

An Al-Shabaab court has sentenced the killing of the three men on Saturday after they were accused of working with the Kenyan and Somali Government. They were killed by firing squad. In such occasions, Al-Shabaab forces the local people to gather and witness the killing in order to discourage to cooperate with the authorities. This is not the first Al Shabaab kills their members when they are accused of being involved in spying cases.
The three killed are:

  • Muse Hussein Siyad, 31 years, he was a member of the US-trained unit and he was arrested in near Afgooye and Wanlawayn towns according to Al Shabaab provided information.
  • Hussein Mohamed Arsal, 20 years, he was a member of Jubbaland state forces and he was arrested at Barsanguni.
  • Yarow Ali, 75 years, he was accused of spying for the Kenyan Government.