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Reports of Prisoner Mistreatment in Las Anod Untrue, Says Somaliland Human Rights Commission

“Reports of prisoner mistreatment in Las Anod are untrue,” an official with the Somaliland Human Rights Commission said.

Abdiqani Saad Hassan, the Director of the commission, refuted claims that prisoners had been mistreated.

He stated categorically that authorities had neither tortured nor taken any prisoner arrested during the Las Anod clashes to court.

“Several prisoners reported allergies,” Hassan added.

His claims followed the recent report by the Somaliland Minister of Defense on the prisoners arrested in Las Anod.

Abdiqani Mohamud Aateeye, the defense minister, reported the arrest of 20 prisoners.

He also mentioned that Somaliland authorities captured two military vehicles in addition to 15 heavy machine guns and small firearms.

Clashes flared up in Las Anod last Saturday.