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Al-Shabaab Leader Who Planned Manda Bay Raid Killed

An Al-Shabaab commander who organized the Manda Bay raid is dead.

He was killed while with his wife in a US-led precision attack. The attack on the Al-Shabaab commander happened on Saturday at Saakow Town.

The town is 360kms west of Mogadishu.

During the Manda Bay raid, Al-Shabaab killed three Americans in a surprise attack. It was the first time Americans were the target of a successful deadly attack.

General Stephen Townsend, AFRICOM Commander, did not reveal the names or identities of the dead Al-Shabaab commander.

Gen. Townsend said the commander was targeted for his role in planning the Manda Bay and Camp Simba raids. AFRICOM targeted the wife because she facilitated terror activities in the region.