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Somalia and AFRICOM to Continue Targeting Al-Shabaab

The Federal Government of Somalia partnered with the US-African Command (AFRICOM) to conduct airstrikes against Al-Shabaab. The first of these attacks this year, took place on February 24 in Jilib, Somalia.

US Army Brigadier Gen. Michael Castellanos says, “We have been persistent in our actions against Al-Shabaab. Our aim is to put constant and continuous pressure against this much-maligned terror group.”

“Through our collective efforts, we will enhance security in not only Somalia but also the entire region. More than that, we hope to put Al-Shabaab on notice. In the process, both Somalia and the United States will be much safer for all.”

On its part, the leadership of Al-Shabaab has promised to continue carrying out attacks against Americans in East Africa and other parts of the world. It says its militants will target all US interests around the globe too.

Initial reports show that the latest airstrike killed one Al-Shabaab terrorist. The reports also indicate that no civilians died or suffered injuries from the airstrike. AFRICOM has been extending help and support to Somalia to annul the efforts of the terrorist organization.