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Mayor Filish chairs security meeting, while more civians are killed at the hands of Government Forces

Somali forces patrolling Mogadishu
Somali forces in Mogadishu

Mayor of Mogadishu, Mohamed Omar Filish chaired the Benadir weekly meeting and instructed the District Commissioners to focus on strengthening the security and to finalise the housing census.
No major terror attack occurred in Mogadishu in the last few months, partly due to the increased daily and nightly security operations to prevent Al Shabab fighters getting explosives into the capital.
Meanwhile, the Police have launched a manhunt in the Somali capital of Mogadishu, after a Soldier killed a woman and escaped the scene.
For unknown reason, the solider indiscriminately opened fire on civilians in Hodan district.
The manhunt is led by the Police and the perpetrator is believed to be hiding in Dayniile district.
This is the third innocent civilian being killed by government forces in Mogadishu in less then one week time. Bajaaj drivers are by far the majority of the armed forces victims, as they often caught up in heated exchanges and fiery arguments about payment of extortion money.