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Murder of Two Somali Nationals in South Africa Dismays UNHCR

The shocking murder of two Somali nationals in South Africa has left the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) deeply dismayed.

Two Somalis were found murdered in Klein Bulhoek, which is not far from Grahamstown this week.

A local resident discovered their bodies hidden in a tuckshop container.

Since then, Eastern Cape police have launched investigations into the incident that has left UNHCR and the surrounding community in shock.

There are reports that the two men were tied together in their shop before being doused with petrol.

The incident reportedly took place on Tuesday, October 4.

Laura Padoan, the UNHCR South Africa spokesperson confirmed the incident.

She also added that their records indicate that the two deceased men were Somali refugees and that their murder is of “great concern” to the UNHCR.