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Omar Ismail Waberi

MP Omar Ismail Waberi profile
MP Omar Ismail Waberi profile


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  • Region:Puntland
  • Gender:Male
  • Clan:, Majeerteen
  • Biography

    On 5 November 2016 Omar was unanimously elected as a member of the Federal Parliament of Somalia.[2] On 5 December 2012 Omar and other politicians officially declared the newly installed political party which they dubbed “Hor-cad”, an abbreviation of Horumar and Caddaalad, which are Somali terms for “Development & Justice”. A few months later a party convention was held and Omar was elected the leader of the party. Horcad was among several political parties registered to run puntland local councils and presidential election before puntland government formally suspended multiple party political system.

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