FTL Somalia
Somali male, Member of Parliament, Ahmed Osman Ibrahim

Ahmed Osman Ibrahim Daqare

Ahmed Osman Ibrahim is a Member of Parliament and former Deputy Minister for Ports & Maritime Transport of Somalia, he was appointed for the this position by Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke on 6...

Somali female Member of Parliament, Ubah Tahlil Warsame

Ubah Tahlil Warsame

Mrs. Ubah Tahlil Warsame is a Member of the Federal Parliament of Somalia. She works with her constituency on areas such as positive forms of government engagement as well lobbying for humanitarian initiatives including...

Somali Female, Member of Parliament, Hamza Sheikh Hussein Olow

Hamza Sheikh Hussein Olow

Hamza was able to retain her seat in November 2016, after compete with two other male candidates with more resources. Hamza got 36 votes out of the 50 casted votes. She is known for her long campaign against Female...