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Corona virus

Four People Quarantined as Coronavirus Fears Grip Mogadishu

Health authorities in Somalia have announced that four people are quarantined as Mogadishu grapples with coronavirus fears. The Federal Government of Somalia made this announcement as it tries to lock the virus, which...

Al Shabaab fighters with their flag

Al Shabaab: Assassinates Col. Mahamed Abdulle

Al Shabaab claimed responsibility for an assassination conducted in Hanan-Dheer. Dayniile district in the capital. In an statement issued by the terror group, the assassinated victim was named Col. Mahamed Abdulle who...

Explosion at ex control afgooye 28 december

Heavily loaded truck detonates: 90 deaths

At around 8 in the morning, a heavily and with explosive loaded truck detonated at Ex-controle-Afgooye, one of the main entrance road to Mogadishu and a crucial part of the Main Supply Route Mogadishu-Baidoa. The number...