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UNSOM Calls Agreement Signed between FGS, FMS, and Opposition a Positive Step

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United Nations Assistance Mission in Somalia (UNSOM) has called the agreement signed between Federal Government of Somalia (FGS), Federal Member States (FMS), and the opposition a “positive step” for the country.

The agreement between the three entities was signed on February 25.

Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble led the FGS side in negotiations with regional state leaders from Galmudug, HirShabelle, and Benadir Region.

The opposition also sent its representatives to the talks, which took place on Thursday night at Decale Hotel in Mogadishu. Some of the opposition politicians included Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and Sharif Sheikh Ahmed.

Mohamud and Ahmed are former presidents of the Federal Republic of Somalia.

The opposition attended the talks through the Council of Presidential Candidates’ Union. The union comprises 14 candidates all interested in taking over from President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo for the presidency.

UNSOM applauded the step.

It said that the development is for the benefit and interests of the people of Mogadishu. UNSOM continues to encourage leaders in Somalia to engage in dialogue to resolve all remaining issues in the spirit of “compromise and goodwill.”


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