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US Identifies 26 Somali Citizens and Businesses Supporting Al-Shabaab

The United States government has identified 26 Somali citizens and businesses that support Al-Shabaab terrorists.

The US government did this through the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), a division within the Department of Treasury.

OFAC issued a notice on May 24 targeting and designating several individuals and companies in Somalia for being pro-Al-Shabaab.

The list includes four charcoal smugglers.

It also features seven firms associated with the smugglers.

Regional leaders feature prominently in the list released by OFAC on Wednesday.

OFAC accuses them of financially facilitating Al-Shabaab. It adds that they have been collecting funds on behalf of Al-Shabaab too.

Some of them are Hassan Abshir Xuuroow, Adan Yusuf Saciid Ibrahim, Mumin Dhere, Macalin Burhan, Ali Ahmed Hussein, and Ahmed Kabadhe among others.