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We Will Continue Targeting Al-Shabaab, says United States

The United States has said that its military will continue carrying out attacks against Al-Shabaab. It has declared war on the extremist group that has wrecked havoc and boosted insecurity in the Horn of Africa region.

The US, through its military in East Africa and serving under the US Africa Command (AFRICOM), has conducted several airstrikes against the Islamist group for years. It says that Al-Shabaab remains an “existential threat” to its interests around the world.

Al-Shabaab has vowed not to relent in its attacks on Americans, the United States, and American interests in the Horn of Africa region and elsewhere in the world. It has said that Americans and their allies will never be safe wherever they are.

To date, the group has killed over 4,000 civilians in East Africa alone. According to United Nations reports, its attacks have also killed dozens of security troops. The group often targets security checkpoints, military bases, bars, eateries, and specific foreign establishments.

Gen. Stephen Townsend says, “Washington is committed to crushing Al-Shabaab to ensure that peace prevails in the region. We will continue applying pressure on the group. Without that, it could morph into a global threat.”