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Four People Quarantined as Coronavirus Fears Grip Mogadishu

Health authorities in Somalia have announced that four people are quarantined as Mogadishu grapples with coronavirus fears.

The Federal Government of Somalia made this announcement as it tries to lock the virus, which World Health Organization has elevated to a pandemic, out of the country.

Minister of Health, Fowsiyo Abikar Nur, said, “The four quarantined individuals arrived in Somalia from countries that are worst hit by Coronavirus.”

One of them had traveled from China before being quarantined on March 10, 2020. The other three were quarantined today.

Though Somalia’s health services have collapsed, the health minister was quick to add that the four are all in stable condition.

More than 114 countries face this pandemic. Over 118,000 coronavirus cases have been confirmed thus far. The virus has killed more than 4,291 people globally.