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Galmudug Speaker Says Coronavirus Incapable of Thriving in Harsh Climates

Mohamed Nur Ga’al profile picture
Mohamed Nur Ga’al profile picture

Dr. Mohamed Nur Ga’al, the recently elected speaker of Galmudug Parliament, says coronavirus is incapable of thriving in harsh climates.

He said the “harsh climate” in Africa makes the continent unable to play host to the virus that has turned into a global pandemic.

As he issues this statement, Somalia has quarantined four individuals who traveled to the country from regions worst hit by the pandemic.

Dr. Ga’al’s sentiments are a bit controversial considering that two of the hottest places in Africa, Egypt and Algeria, lead in terms of number of reported coronavirus deaths.

Zubeir Ahmed, a Somali student in China, responded to Dr. Ga’al by saying, “Covid19 is a serious threat to the public. Saudi Arabia, with its harsh climate, has already confirmed it.”

Globally, coronavirus has killed over 4,000 people. China, which is the epicenter of coronavirus, leads followed by Italy and Iran in Europe and Asia respectively.