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Jubaland’s President Rewards Army Officer for Destroying Ouster Plot

President Ahmed Madobe of Jubaland has rewarded a soldier who rejected a payment of $1 million to organize his ouster.

Mahad Mohamed Islam, a Major in the Darwish Forces of Jubaland, claimed that Fahad Yasin approached him with the massive offer.

Fahad works as the chief spy (Director General) for National Intelligence of Somalia (NISA). Mahad says Fahad then connected him to President Farmaajo, whom he spoke with on phone.

The ouster claims come at a time of increased tensions, deep divisions, and distrust between the Federal Government of Somalia and federal states.

Major Islam says FGS promised to keep their word if he helped Somali National Army to seize the two towns of Dhobley and Afmadow.

President Madobe rewarded Major Islam by promoting him to Lieutenant Colonel. He hailed the newly appointed Lt. Col for the “unparalleled patriotism” displayed against “the enemy.”