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International Partners Urge Somali Leaders to Implement September 2020 Elections Deal

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Representatives of international partners issued a statement urging leaders in Somalia to adhere to the elections deal signed on September 17, 2020.

As per their statement, which is dated January 12, the representatives have urged Somali leaders to respect the September deal.

They warned the leadership against holding talks designed to change the content of the elections agreement.

Additionally, they advised stakeholders to embrace dialogue to ensure that Somalia does not experience any upheaval or chaos arising out of the electoral process.

Somalia is caught in an intense electioneering mood with politics the most discussed subject as the country prepares for elections in January and February 2021.

Furthermore, Somalia’s partners expressed “deep concern” with the ongoing impasse.

By urging politicians to respect the September 2020 agreement, the partners seem to be applying pressure to the opposition to respect the electoral process too.

Some analysts believe that the opposition is interested in causing a delay by presenting too many pre-conditions.

However, the Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) is not faultless, either.

It has been accused of filling the Federal Elections Implementation Team (FEIT) with spies, civil servants, and FGS loyalists.


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