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NSF Urges UN Security Council to Reject Farmaajo’s Illegal Term Extension

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The National Salvation Forum (NSF), Somalia’s main political alliance, has written to the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) on the current political developments in the country.

In its letter dated April 19, NSF urged UNSC to reject the decision by the House of Representatives earlier this month to extend President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo’s term by two more years.

The Lower House reportedly extended Farmaajo’s term, which expired on February 8, to give the country enough time to prepare to hold credible parliamentary and presidential elections.

In the letter, the alliance expressed gratitude to the membership of UNSC for expressing solidarity with the people of Somalia during these “times of crisis” that the country has recently been going through.

NSF is a coalition featuring representatives of the Federal Member States (FMS), presidential candidates from the opposition, and Somaliland Political Council, which is under the leadership of Abdi Hashi, the Speaker of the Senate (Upper House).

The alliance called Farmaajo’s term extension “illegal and unconstitutional.” It also said that the extension is a threat to the security, peace, unity, and stability of the people and government of Somalia.


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