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President Mohamud Thanks Parliament for Endorsing Somalia’s New Prime Minister

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has thanked the federal parliament for endorsing Somalia’s new Prime Minister.

The Somali President wrote to the federal parliament for approving his choice of Hamza Abdi Barre as the new Prime Minister.

President Mohamud had appointed Barre the Prime Minister a few days ago.

However, Barre could not take over the duties of the Prime Minister until Members of Parliament (MPs) debated and approved his appointment.

On June 25, all the 220 MPs attending Saturday’s session approved his appointment.

President Mohamud assured parliamentarians and the entire country that his administration has ambitious policy programs for everyone.

He mentioned his government’s plans to enhance security and strengthen the economy.

Further, the President assured the nation that he would work closely with Barre to ensure that the government delivers the basic services that all Somalis in the country need.