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Puntland Forces Attacked Somaliland Troops, say Somaliland Armed Forces

Clan fighting
Clan fighting

Regional forces from Puntland attacked Somaliland troops, Somaliland Armed Forces have said. The attack took place in Sanaag region and lasted for two days.

“Puntland Forces attacked Governor of Lass Qoray, which is under Somaliland,” says the commander of the SAF.

“They attempted to assassinate the governor. God saved him, though. However, those forces have not left the region. They have been there since carrying out the 6.30am attack,” he said.

According to the commander’s statement, Somaliland is not aggressively seeking war. However, he reiterated that the country’s forces are always ready to defend their territory.

Somaliland Armed Forces accused Puntland of fomenting conflicts in the region, especially around Sanaag.