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Regional Forces Capture 800 Bags of Maize from Al-Shabaab

Last Saturday, regional forces in Southwest Somalia attacked Al-Shabaab’s tax collection base. The attack occurred at Bur-Eyle village, which is 35 kms to the northeast of Burhakaba.

Local security officials say the forces killed three members of the militia group. Also, they seized over 800 bags of maize that Al-Shabaab stole from local farmers.

The regional force released a short video of the base. It’s worth noting that Al-Shabaab relies on the base to make money from locals.

In another operation, the SNA successfully took hold of 400 goats from Al-Shabaab. The militia group got the goats from a local Moqokori resident.

The operation by SNA happened a week after the militia hit El-Salini and killed 20 government soldiers. El-Salini hosts several government troops.