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Somalia Airforce Hanger Recommended as Venue for Elections of Somaliland MPs

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Opposition presidential candidates have recommended Somalia Airforce Hanger as the venue for elections of Somaliland representatives to the Federal Parliament.

They wrote a letter dated January 11, 2021 and addresses to the international community through the Council of Presidential Candidates’ Union.

In their letter, the candidates castigated the Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) for attempting to manipulate elections for Somaliland representatives.

The candidates expressed “alarm at the gerrymandering of the election committee appointed to oversee the Somaliland elections.

FGS had proposed that elections for the Somaliland representatives should take place in Somalia, a move that Abdi Hashi, the Speaker of the Upper House, has condemned.

They advised FGS’ President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo to stay away from Somaliland elections.

Defending their choice of venue, the leaders stated that elections for Somaliland representatives must be free and credible.


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