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Somalia Government Targets Al Shabaab with the Help of AFRICOM

On February 24, 2020 the Federal Government of Somalia struck a Al-Shabaab terrorist. The government took this step with the help of the United States Africa Command. The airstrike occurred near Jilib, Somalia.

Brigadier General Miguel Castellanos of the US Army, who is also the Deputy Director of Operations for AFRICOM, hails the effectiveness of “persistent actions” against the much-maligned terrorist group.

“Through our collective efforts, security has improved substantially in the region. Moreover, we have succeeded in putting Al-Shabaab on notice. In the process, both the United States and Somalia are now much safer,” Brig. General Castellanos stated.

Al-Shabaab vowed to attack Americans, US interests, and East Africa throughout the world. According to AFRICOM’s recent evaluations, Al-Shabaab is incapable of attacking the US homeland. That’s because of pressure from American partners in Africa.

Initial reports show that one terrorist died during the airstrike. The good news is no civilian was injured or killed during the strike. AFRICOM works closely with several US interagency partners. They support Somalia’s efforts at restricting Al-Shabaab from exporting terrorism globally.