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Somalia Recalls its Ambassadors over Complaints by Embassy Staff

Somalia’s federal government recalled the country’s ambassadors to Oman and Sudan. The government cited staff complaints as the reason for recalling its top diplomats.

In a press release, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation gave them four days to return home.

The move follows several disagreements between the ambassadors and their staff.

The decision follows the differences between Mohamed Issack Ibrahim and Osman Ahmed Mohamed. The two are the ambassador to Sudan and his first advisor.

Currently, the cause of the conflicts between ambassadors and their staff remains unclear.
The Somali ambassador to Oman, Abdiweli Jeylaani, have repeatedly ignored to comply with orders to return to Mogadishu and it is believed that the ambassador is able to ignore the Minister of Foreign Affairs and remain in Oman, because he is very close to the Head of NISA, Fahad Yasin and President Farmajo.