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Construction of New Prison in Hargeisa Launched

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The construction of a new prison in Hargeisa, the capital of Somaliland, has been launched.

The Chairman of the Supreme Court together with the Director General in the Ministry of Justice laid the foundation stone for the building on January 11.

On Monday, together with the Chairperson of the Custodial Corps, they laid the foundation stone for the construction of the new facility in Haleleyo.

Chief Justice Adam Haji Ali addressed the gathering of government and court officers during the launch ceremony.

In his address, Chief Justice Ali said that the new prison would play a crucial role in enabling Somaliland to build a robust and fair justice system in the breakaway region.

Abdirahman Hassan, the Director General in the justice ministry, confirmed that the government would fund the construction of the new prison.

Ahmed Awale, Head of the Custodial Corps, told the gathering that the prison would be located in a remote location away from the local population.


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