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Delegation of Djibouti Investors Discuss Investment Opportunities with Somali Regional State Officials

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A group of investors in Djibouti received a delegation from Ethiopia’s Somali Regional State to discuss investment opportunities with government officials.

The Djiboutian investors held talks with officers from the Investment and Diaspora Affairs Bureau of Somali Regional State.

During the talks, representatives from the two sides discussed general investment opportunities in Ethiopia before narrowing these down to Somali Regional State.

Abdulselam Yousuf, who led the Somali delegation, reminded the investors of the reliable peace and stability in the Somali Regional State in Ethiopia.

He informed them that the peace and stability in his region makes it conducive for investment from the Djiboutian team.

Yousuf invited the Djiboutian team to Jigjiga and other places in Somali Regional State soon to evaluate the region personally.


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