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First Somali Tech Event Takes Place in London

The first Somali tech event has just taken place in London.

Somalis in Tech held their in-person event for the first time in London at Google’s United Kingdom headquarters on the night of August 3.

Thus far, Somalis in Tech is an online global community of more than 10,000.

It has constantly provided Somali professionals in the tech space with an excellent support network to excel at what they do.

The founder of the Somalis in Tech, Mohamed Abdisalam, spoke at Wednesday’s event.

The panel consisted of three other co-founders of Somalis in Tech. These were Ismail Jeilani, Ali Abdulkadir Ali, and Fadumo Ali.

Ismail is the founder of Scoodle. Ali founded Niyah while Fadumo is responsible for creating Hoiwa.