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President Farmaajo to Tour Southern Port City of Barawe

The office of President Mohamed Farmaajo said he is set to visit Barawe, the southern port city, on Monday.

While in Barawe, he will be leading a ceremony to unveil a newly constructed airport in the administrative capital of the country’s southwest state.

Accompanying President Farmaajo will be Abdiasis Hassan Mohamed alias Lafta Gareen. They will also take this opportunity to initiate several development projects in Barawe.

Last week, Her Excellency Sainab Moalim, the First Lady, toured the southern port city. She laid the foundation stone for the city’s new health facility.

The First Lady runs a campaign that seeks to improve maternal and child healthcare throughout the country.

In preparation for the presidential tour, security in the city has been tightened. Somali security agencies work closely with AMISOM peacekeepers to ensure the event proceeds smoothly.

The event is scheduled to happen at a time when clashes between security forces and Al-Shabaab seem to be on the rise.

Instead, the president visited Barawe on March 11, to open the new Barawe Airstrip.