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Kenya Attack Causes Al-Shabaab Heavy Losses

The village of Jirole in Ijara Constituency was the scene of a major attack by KDF’s Special Forces that caused Al-Shabaab heavy losses.

According to a top official, during the Friday attack, KDF killed six Al-Shabaab militants. Furthermore, Kenyan forces captured one militant alive.

Al-Shabaab fighters have been wandering Kenya’s northeastern region while raiding many villages indiscriminately in search for non-locals, National Police Reservists (NPR), and food.

The heavy presence of soldiers from KDF has not deterred them from operating in the region. Northeastern Regional Coordinator, Nick Ndalana, called the attack a huge “milestone.”

Though he never gave further details, Ndalana said the six Al-Shabaab extremists died after a brief exchange of fire between them and KDF soldiers.