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Prime Minister Roble Drops Several Key Ministers in Latest Cabinet Reshuffle

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Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble appointed new ministers in the latest cabinet reshuffle, which he made on October 19.

In Monday’s reshuffle, Prime Minister Roble dropped several key ministers from their positions and appointed four women ministers.

He dropped Sadik Warfa as the Minister of Labor. Roble also removed Goddah Barre as the Minister of Education.

In his announcement, the Prime Minister also omitted Mohamed Islow Duale as the Minister of Security.

Mohamed Hayir Maareye would no longer be the country’s Minister of Information.

Prime Minister Roble’s cabinet now has 27 ministers who would be helped to perform their jobs well by 17 new deputy ministers.

Fifty percent of the ministers join the cabinet for the first time. Roble either retained the other half in the same dockets before or redeployed them to new ministries.


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