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Somali Deputy Prime Minister Mahdi Ahmed Guuleed KHADAR

Mahdi Ahmed Guuleed KHADAR

Deputy Prime Minister, is from Somaliland, Hargeisa.
In 2009, he was a member of the Somaliland Election Commission and served as legal advisor Operation Director of the Election Commission.

Somali Male Member of Parliament,Mohamed Abukar Islaw Du'aale

Mohamed Abukar Islaw Duaale

Mohamed was born in Mogadishu in 1969. Mohamed is a businessman and owns Nationwide Fuel Company. He is a former Basketball player for the Somali National Team. He continued to play basketball in Sweden where he also...

Somali Minister of Interior, Abdi Mohamed Sabriye

Abdi Mohamed Sabriye

Ministry of Interior and Federalism and Reconciliation, Sabriye is a graduate of the Somali National University, a businessman. He went on to study at a university in New castle UK in 1986. Sabriye is a close relative...

Minister Jamal Mohamed Hassan

Jamal Mohamed Hassan

Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation, amal is a Canadian citizen, who hailing from Sool and Sanaag regions (the disputed area) and aligns with Puntland. Previous post include: consultant to the US embassy...

Somali Female Member of Parliament, Khadija Mohamed Diriye profile picture

Khadija Mohamed Diriye

Member of Parliament and Minister of Youth. One of the most vocal and influential MPs in Mogadishu. Khadijo Dirie was born in Mogadishu on 2 April 1964, a mother of five, and received a public degree in 2014 from Hope...

Somali Male Member of Parliament and Minister of Education

Abdullahi Godah Barre

Godah is member of parliament and Minister of Education. Also former Minister of Interior and Federalism. Born in Buloburde, Hiraan region, he graduated from the Somali National College of Agriculture with a...

Minister of Health Fowsiya Abiikar Nur

Fowsiya Abiikar Nur

Ministry of Health and Social Care, The Minister of Health and Social Care, she is from Hiraan region, was born in Jowhar in 1960 and received primary and secondary education in Mogadishu from the Banadir secondary...

Minister Abdirahman Mohamed Abdi Hashi

Abdirahman Mohamed Abdi Hashi

Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources, Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources, Adirahman was born on September 23, 1955. He is the son of former Puntland President Mohamed Abdi Hashi. He earned his PhD in...

Minister Dr. Abdirahman Dualeh Beileh M

Dr. Abdirahman Dualeh Beileh

Minister of Finance, Beileh is from Awdal, Somaliland. He was born between 1955 and 1956 in Gabiley district. He earned his MBA and PHD degree from Wisconsin University in the United States. Beileh's previous posts...

Minister Deeqa Yasin Hajji Yusuf M

Deeqa Yasin Hajji Yusuf

Minister of Women & Human Rights,
Deeqa has lived in Italy for more than 20 years and is the founder of NGO IIDA.
Deeqa was member of the Independent Electoral Commission.

Minister Hassan Hussein Hajji

Hassan Hussein Hajji

Ministry of Justice, Hassan is a lawyer, UK citizen and has served on the constitutional committee during Prof. of Mohamed Sh. Osman Jawari, as acting chairman of the committee.

Abdirashid Abdullahi Mohamed profile picture

Abdirashid Abdullahi Mohamed

Minister of Defense,
Abdirashid spent most of his life working for NGO's Bay and Bakool regions such as Care International, WFP and NRC. In 2015, he was appointed as the governor of Bay by Sharif Hassan.

Minister Abdullaahi Ali Hassan M

Abdullaahi Ali Hassan

Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Abdullahi is the founder and Executive Director of CED. He was born in Mogadishu, Somalia 1964. He completed his Primary, Intermediate and High School education in Mogadishu, Somalia...

Minister Salim Alio Ibro

Prof. Salim Alio Ibro

Minister of Energy and Water Resources, Ibro has previously served as secretary of the Somali Basketball Federation, an a member of the Somali Olympic committee before the Civil War broke. In 2005, he became Minister of...

Minister Sheikh Nur Mohamed Hassan

Sheikh Nur Mohamed Hassan

Sheikh Nur, is a Member of Parliament, Minister of Endowment & Religious Affairs, Former and old Minister of Livestock, Forestry and Range. He is born in 1981 in Jamaame Somalia. He finished his higher education in...

Minister Said Hussein Eid

Said Hussein Eid

Minister of Agriculture, Said Born in 1973. He did a PhD programme at American International Open University in Cairo, and two Master's degree in India. In 2014, was became the Minister of Livestock and served trade...

Minister Sadik Hirsi Warfa

Sadik Hirsi Warfa

Minister of Labor and Social affairs, Sadik Warfa is member of Federal Parliament of Somalia. He was elected 2016 and served as the Secretary-General of the Defense Committee of the House of the People. Warfa became the...

Minister Ahmed Ise Awad

Ahmed Ise Awad

Minister of Foreign Affairs,
Awad was Somalia's ambassador to the United States. He was educated in Canada. Prior to becoming Somalia's ambassador to Washington, he worked for the United Nations in South Sudan.