FTL Somalia
Minister Salah Ahmed Jama

Salah Ahmed Jama

Minister of Constitutional Affairs, Salah was born in Erigavo Sanaag. He studied India and then in Canada. He has worked for the New Deal program, the Somali Police Force and served as member of the Election Commission...

Minister Abdi Anshur Hassan

Abdi Anshur Hassan

Minister of Posts and Telecommunications, Abdi is from Hiran region, has a master's in engineering. He worked for in the same field under the Siyad Barre has worked in the same field. Before being appointed as the...

Minister Hamza Said Hamza

Hamza Said Hamza

Ministry of Humanitarian and Disaster Management

Abdirisak Omar Mohamed profile picture

Abdirisak Omar Mohamed

Former Minister of Internal Security, former minister of Natural Resources.  He belongs to the Hawadle subclan of the Hawiye. He was Minister of Natural Resources in Abdi Farah Shirdon cabinet from November 8, 2012 till...

Somalie male, Second Deputy Speaker, Mahad Aabdalla Aawad profile picture

Mahad Aabdalla Aawad

20 August 2012, Awad was among the legislators nominated to the newly established Federal Parliament of Somalia.On 29 August 2012, Awad was appointed Second Deputy Speaker of the Federal Parliament opposite First Deputy...

Somali Female, Member of Parliament, Samira Hassan Abdulle

Samira Hassan Abdulle

Samira is a Member of Parliament.
She survived a bom explosion in June 2017 in Taleh neighborhood in Mogadishu.
The Improvised Explosive Device planted on the roadside.
Two of her bodyguards were wounded.

Somali Male Member of Parliament, Abdullahi Mohamed Nor

Abdullahi Mohamed Nor

Nur is a Member of the House of the People and represents Hirshabelle State.
He is a former State Minister for Finance, appointed by the former Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke.

Somali Male Member of Parlialment, Mohamed Abdullahi Hassan Noah

Mohamed Abdullahi Hassan Noah

Mohamed is a Member of Parliament and a Former Minister of Youth and Sports of Somalia, appointed by Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke in 2015.