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General Mahad, now targeting: persons with disability in Somalia

General Mahad Abdirahman Aden Chief of Custodial Corps in Somalia
General Mahad Abdirahman Aden Chief of Custodial Corps in Somalia

An organization fostering the interest of disabled individuals in Somalia strongly rejected the discriminatory comments made by Chief of Custodial Corps in Somalia.
The organization is sadden by the comments made by General Mahad Abdirahman Aden.
SODEN (Somali Disability Network)
There are videos circulation around in which the General stated that he can be tolerant to old individuals with skills, but instructed persons with disability to quit serving the custodial corps, what seems to be a personal believe of his, that disabled persons have no role or function in society and in government service in particular.

SODEN requested the President and the Prime Minister to intervene and take actions against the Head of Prisons. This is call is unlikely to be answered, since General Mahad is well know for his disregard for Human Rights and operating outside the framework, when he was Police Chief in Baidoa. His role in the killings during the South West State election, have forced the International Partners to suspend the support it was providing to the Police in Somalia.
International Partners were caught off-guard, when President Farmajo promoted the General as the new Chief of Custodial Corps, trading Baidoa for the capital in late August 2019. A move, political analysts labelled as rewarding the General for his ‘firm’ performances during the South West elections.