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Somalia Confirms 257 New COVID-19 Cases

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Somalia has confirmed 257 new COVID-19 cases from samples that were tested in the last 48 hours from various parts of the country.

On September 27, the Ministry of Health published the new numbers through its daily updates.

In it, the health ministry announced that it had tested 2,245 samples by Monday. From that, Somaliland led with 204 cases.

Puntland came in next with 37 cases. Jubaland and Banadir had 10 and 6 cases respectively.

Moreover, the health ministry announced that 143 of the cases were males while the rest were female.

With 8 more people dying, the number of patients to have succumbed to the disease has now reached 1,111.

Countrywide, patients diagnosed with the disease currently stand at 19,980.