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Three Senior Al-Shabaab Leaders to be Added to UN Sanctions List

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Three senior leaders of the Al-Shabaab military group would be added to the United Nations’ sanctions list soon.

The United States and Somalia have issued a notice to the UN asking it to add the three men they named to the global organization’s sanctions list.

These men are Abukar Ali Aden, Moalim Ayman, and Mahad Karate.

Aden is Al-Shabaab’s deputy leader. Ayman serves as the commander of the influential Jaysh Ayman.

Karate is a former deputy leader of the militia group. However, he continues to wield incredible influence and power within the Al-Qaeda linked group.

This was revealed on February 22 when the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) met at their headquarters in the US to discuss the ongoing developments in the East African nation.


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