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Two Police Officers and a Militia Killed in Deadly Clash in Mogadishu

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Two Somali Police Force (SPF) officers and a militia were killed when the two sides clashed heavily in Mogadishu.

Reports show that the deadly clash took place on January 14.

In Thursday’s clash, the officers were from the Turkish-trained Haramcad Unit.

Apparently, they were in the region to carry out an operation against members of the clan militia accused of involvement in khat smuggling.

Security agents believe that the clan militia remains a vibrant part of the ongoing khat smuggling cartel that is so prominent in the region.

The militia transports khat illegally into Mogadishu from Kismayo where it arrives via sea.

Two of the highly-trained officers were killed during the clash with the militia near Jazeera Beach, in Somalia’s capital city.


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