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US Embassy is Wrong in Supporting the Controversial Galmudug Election, says Somalia Party

The Forum for National Parties has criticized the US Embassy in Somalia. The President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed party condemns the ambassador’s support for the controversial Galmudug election.

In the election, Galmudug Regional State chose Ahmed Abdi Kariye as its new president.

The FNP released a press statement. In it, the party says, “We are dismayed by the US Ambassador to Somalia’. His support for the fraudulent election of Ahmed Abdi Kariye is unwelcome. Ambassador Donald Yamamoto should not be legitimizing a distinctly corrupt process.”

Four Galmudug presidential candidates rejected the election of Qoor Qoor on February 2. Ahmed Duale, the outgoing Galmudug president, added his voice to the criticisms. Ahlu Sunnah Wal Jama’ah, an influential Islamist group, showed its displeasure too. .

The FNP statement further states that Ambassador Yamamoto’s endorsement of the results disqualifies him as an “honest and impartial observer and diplomat.” It questioned his ability to facilitate dialogue among Somalis in future.