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FESOJ Conducts 3-Day Training on Elections Reporting in HirShabelle

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The Federal of Somali Journalists (FESOJ) held training on elections reporting for journalists in the regional state of HirShabelle.

The 3-day training ended on September 22.

Mohamed Abdirahman Mohamed, the HirShabelle Minister of Information, was on site on the last day to close the training.

Participants also agreed to support the pursuit of 30 percent quota for women.

Thirty local journalists attended the training in Jowhar City.

Organizers said that the purpose of the training was to equip local journalists to report on elections and the 30 percent quota for women in elective positions.

The training featured short dramas, analyses, debates, and reports from various stakeholders.

Farah Omar, FESOJ’s Secretary General, briefed the state information minister as well as the local Governor, District Commissioner, and Mayor on the goals and objectives of the training.