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HRC Angered at the Brutal Rape and Murder of Somaliland’s Hinda Omar

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The Human Rights Center (HRC) has expressed indignation at the recent rape of Hinda Omar in Somaliland.

Omar eventually lost her life from injuries sustained during the rape ordeal.

She had been traveling on a bus on July 8 when unknown people accosted and molested her before abandoning her at a road junction.

Omar was later found bloodied and unrecognizable, as per the reports of eyewitnesses who first saw her at the road junction.

HRC has now called upon the government of Somaliland to carry out speedy investigations on the matter to apprehend the people behind Omar’s death.

Further, the organization called on the police to do more to protect women in the breakaway nation.

The organization has already visited Omar’s family to condole with them for the loss of a sister and daughter.

Additionally, HRC appealed to President Muse Bihi Abdi to spearhead efforts to enact the Rape Bill into law to deter criminals who keep raping women and getting away with it.