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Jubbaland Celebrates Agreement between FGS, FMS, and Opposition

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Jubbaland has celebrated the agreement signed on February 25 between Federal Government of Somalia (FGS), Federal Member States (FMS), and the opposition.

On Friday, Jubbaland released a statement commending the role that different entities played in ensuring that a new deal on elections is reached.

The regional state, under President Ahmed Islam Madobe, did not attend the talks.

However, the interests of regional states were articulated by leaders from HirShabelle, Galmudug, and Banadir Region.

Jubbaland hailed the contribution made by Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble too.

Roble called the other participants to Decale Hotel in Mogadishu to discuss various issues affecting Somalia politically.

Jubbaland praised presidential candidates from the opposition for turning up for the talks too.


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