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President Madobe of Jubaland opens the FGS Finance Conference in Kismayo

President Madobe and Minister Bayle
President Madobe opening the FGS Finance conference in Kismayo

President Ahmed Mohamed Islam (Ahmed Madobe) of Jubaland, opened the conference for the Ministers of Finance that is taking place in Kismayo, where the Jubaland government is seated.

During the conference, the Ministers will pressing issues like, how to improve the state financial system, which is an important component of the terms of the Debt Relief Project Somalia is prioritising.

President Madobe in his opening remarks emphasised the importance of the country’s finance system and the importance of debt relief.

This conference is significant as it marks the first FGS cabinet members set foot in the port city of Kismayo Kismayo, after president Madobe is re-elected as the President of Jubaland State, an elections that was heavily criticised by Mogadishu.
The FGS broke ties with Jubaland, and President Farmajo does not recognise Ahmed Madobe to be the legitimate president of Jubaland.

This conference is being attended by all FMS Finance ministers and the FGS Finance Minister.

Somalia is in the middle of a sprint-marathon as it expects its debt to be forgiven by February 2020, and in order for this to happen, the federal government and regional governments must co-operate on financial issues.

Somali Political Analysts, consider this move to be emblematic of the New and Pragmatic Political Approach that FGS was forced to adopt.
A week earlier, Minister Bayle met privately with President Madobe in Nairobi, and it is not clear if Bayle travelled to the port city of Kismayo with the blessings of Villa Somalia, or whether he is operating autonomously as part of his strong belief that the Dept Relief Project should be put above any internal political skirmish.