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US Increases Airstrikes Against Al Shabaab in 2020

US Africa Command (AFRICOM) has increased its attack against Al-Shabaab. The tempo of the attacks has increased substantially in 2020.
AFRICOM says it had to take this measure in response to Al-Shabaab’s attack on one of its military bases in Kenya.
In 2019, the number of US airstrikes in the Horn of Africa nation was 63. In 2020, by mid-March, the number is already 26.
Navy Lt. Christina Gibson, the AFRICOM spokesperson, said, “Our 26 attacks by March are a slight increase of last year’s pace.”
While speaking to Voice of America (VOA), AFRICOM’s Chief Army Gen. Stephen Townsend said, “The threat is higher since Al-Shabaab attacked our military base in Manda Bay.”
Gen. Townsend said leaving Al-Shabaab alone without any attempt to destroy its ability to operate could make it a global rather than a regional threat.