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Puntland Rejects Somalia’s New Petroleum Law, Terming it ‘Unconstitutional’

Puntland Petroleum
Puntland Petroleum

The Petroleum Law that Somalia recently published does not enjoy universal support. That is because of the heavy dose of criticisms coming its way from Puntland.

Federal states have voiced their displeasure at the law, thus jeopardizing President Farmaajo’s recent move.

After signing the bill that became the law, Farmaajo expected widespread support for this move. However, federal states termed the law “grossly unconstitutional.”

President Said Deni of Puntland went further to call the law “draconian” in a statement it released on Tuesday.

Puntland went further to omit itself from the implementation process. It promised to change its mind once all the clauses that violate the constitution are removed.