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Al-Shabaab Extremists Destroy a Telco Mast in Mandera County

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Al-Shabaab militants reportedly destroyed a telco mast in Kenya’s Mandera County on January 12.

The destruction of the mast took place in Banisa Sub-County, Mandera.

Reports indicate that the extremists had carried out an attack in the region three days earlier whereby they destroyed a bus and a personal car.

According to local residents, the militants destroyed the mast using explosives on Tuesday night.

They carried out this attack at Derkale Center in Banisa.

An eyewitness said that since its installation, the mast had been serving residents in over 10 sub-locations in the sub-county.

This latest attack comes a few days after Governor Ali Roba called for reinforced security operations to kick Al-Shabaab fighters out of the region.

He warned that the militant group already controls more than 60 percent of the county.


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