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Boarding School in Banadir Region Demolished in Contravention of Court Orders

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A boarding school in Banadir Region was demolished on February 26 in direct contravention of an existing court order.

Hamar Boarding School was demolished on Friday morning.

Initially, a group of businessmen had expressed their intentions to construct houses at the site of the school.

However, a local court in Benadir ordered them not to build at the site.

The Ministry of Education filed a case against the businessmen at the court, which then ruled in their favor.

Nevertheless, the school has been demolished in direct contravention of the court orders.

Local residents, teachers, parents, and students of the school are in shock.

It is not yet clear where the students would learn when schools reopen in the next two weeks.

Currently, all schools and universities are closed following a government directive to that effect as a measure for curbing the spread of COVID-19 around the country.


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