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Dissecting the Dhusamareb III Agreement



Dhusamareb III Agreement

To help put the Dhusamareb Agreement into context, FTL experts translated the agreement and included the responses from the relevant actors, to make the flow of information accessible to Diplomatic Missions.The Dhusamareb Agreement is a ‘skeleton agreement’ and a positive step in the right direction. While recognise that the Dhusamareb Agreement represents a major step forward in terms of Somalia’s democratisation, experts point out that this does not alter the fact that two FMS were absent in Dhusamareb III conference and that leaders of the political parties are yet to be included.

Dhusamareb 3

‘Skeleton agreement’

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In this Dhambal, experts have commented on the wave of joint statements from the international partners and emphasised the importance of harmonising the views of the partners on the upcoming elections. Such a unity will help prevent the spread of false claims such as, that the EU and the US are supporting the so-called Hybrid Election Model or the inclusion of ‘element of direct voting’.
The Hybrid model / ‘element of direct voting’ are likely undermine the inclusivity and disproportionately disadvantage the minorities. Expert consider the push for this model to be an unreasonable demand, as it is based on a highly theoretical and unsound premise and is unlikely to yield any meaningful change beyond a photo opportunity on election day for foreign diplomats based in Somalia.

‘Element of direct voting’

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FTL experts propose number of recommendation that could help broaden the base for the Dhusamareb Agreement and some specific recommendations for the international partners’ consideration.

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