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Somalia is Facing an Abyss of Political Quandary: Options & Recommendations



Mogadishu talks

With the anticipated talks in Mogadishu and the fact that the country is ‘governed‘ by a caretaker government, the risks and obstacles in the way of timely elections are piling up.

In this Flash Dhambal, FTL experts shed light and provide context for the anticipated talks in Mogadishu and the move from Dhusamareb to Mogadishu and how the ongoing meetings FMS leaders are having in Mogadishu can shape the outcome of the upcoming meetings between the FMS and the FGS.
There are concerns that the prolonged transitional period for the caretaker government is causing a number of challenges, listed in this Dhambal.

Deni and Madobe

The Status Quo will not hold

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Given the fact that the status quo will not hold and is likely to undermine the essential and on-going efforts on democratization, security and political stabilisation, it is imperative that a new Prime Minister is appointed effective immediately.

In a country that is graduating from the status of a failed state to that of a fragile state and where almost everything is politicized, the risks of not having a full functioning cabinet for more than 46 days, amplifies the risks. Permitting the current situation to continue and the potential consequences that may follow equates to negligence and sets a negative precedent.

Somali Ownership

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With regard to the upcoming talks in the capital, it is important that members of the international community refrain from actions that may further complicate or delay the process, or appear to push for a certain outcome that aligns with directives from their respective capitals, at the expense of Somali ownership of the process. Instead, the international community should collectively and as a united front encourage the Somali leaders to reach a workable compromise to undertake timely elections, and not withhold their support if the Somali leaders fail to meet the electoral related expectations and demands of IC members.


In this Dhambal, our FTL experts propose number of recommendations for members of the international community to consider.


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