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FTL Somalia December Dhambal on Afgooye terror attack


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What is a Dhambal?

Dhambal means ‘message’ in the Somali language, referring to ‘Diplomatic Cables’.

Every month, our Sectoral Experts and Political Analysts select one topic that is more relevant, e.g. because of upcoming events and write a deep-dive-analysis on the selected topic, providing you with all the nitty-gritty and allowing you to timely anticipate and based on your organisation policy, develop your own opinion and position as relates to these important topics.

Some of the other products we provide are: various Monthly and Quarterly Reports, Travel Package Report and an Annual Report covering trends and major developments in the last 12 months and use this to predict the general trajectory of the country.

Who we are

Facility for Talo and Leadership is a Somalia focussed Policy-Institute and a Training Centre, providing tailored and need-based services to its clients.

FTL utilises both Local and International Experts to deliver its services from a well-informed position and with the highest possible Local Knowledge and Expertise. Having found the perfect balance of International and Local Expertise, FTL is able to thrive working in complex and rapidly changing political and security situation in Somalia while providing strong evidence-based policy solutions to the multifaceted challenges clients face in Somalia.

What we do

FTL exclusively caters to embassies, International Organizations and Research Institutes working in or on Somalia.

Our clients trust us to monitor and study the fluid and rapid changing political, security, socio-economic situation on their behalf and advise them accordingly. With our services, their policies and direction of thinking are reflective and in line with current developments and emerging priorities in Somalia. We also use our insights and platform to build a more evocative engagement between the Somali Stakeholders and our clients. Our services and monthly reports help clients avoid Political Capture of their projects and Reputational Risks by applying our accurate and timely reports into actions. Our Travel Information Package helps Embassy Staff prepare their travel to Somalia as our Experts compile this report using the latest development from the proposed visit location and include contact details of possible relevant actors on the ground, allowing Embassy and Mission Staff to continue to have meaningful engagement with Somali Stakeholders, on well-informed bases, despites the challenges while ensuring staff Safety and Security.

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