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Somalia Marks the Third Anniversary of the Deadliest Terror Attack

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Somalia marked the third anniversary of one of the deadliest terror attacks in its history on October 14.

Three years ago on this date, the country was shaken by reports that 587 people had been killed by a truck bomb.

The incident took place at a K-5 Junction that the government later renamed the October 14 Junction in honor of those who lost their lives on that day.

This week, the country was in a somber mood as it marked one of the darkest periods in its history.

For a country that has seen its share of civil wars, armed conflicts, and constant fights between clans, the death toll was unlike anything ever witnessed before.

Many people now refer to the incident as the Sobbe Massacre.

Three years later, the country has not overcome any of the insecurity brought about by Al-Shabaab and other extremists.


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