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US Troops to Leave Somalia by January 15

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The United States troops are expected to leave Somalia by the end of January 15, 2021.

It has been widely reported that the troops, who mostly serve under United States Africa Command (AFRICOM), would be departing Somalia.

In November 2020, outgoing President Donald Trump said that the US government would pull out the troops from the East African nation in 2021.

He directed Pentagon and other security agencies to facilitate the withdrawal.

It has now emerged that the troops are expected to completely get out of Somalia by the end of Friday.

Most of the 700 troops would then be redeployed to the neighboring nations in the Horn of Africa region.

As this happens, the US military continues to carry out drone attacks against Al-Shabaab militants.

In 2021 alone, it has carried out three airstrikes against Al-Shabaab fighters and bases at different parts of the country.


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